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Dog Camp Details

At Ted's Dog Camp we believe a guided group walk is the best opportunity for your dog to be exactly what he or she is, a dog. Walking through the woods, taking in the world - especially through their noses; being able to run, jump, swim, sniff, explore, romp, play and learn is the most natural thing for a dog in the world. All this while burning excess energy so once home, the only thing left to do is snuggle and nap. By the way, it works for people too :-)


We truly believe that exercise, socialization, proper play, and mental stimulation in a natural outdoor environment can transform a dog’s life, and consequently, your life as the owner. We see it happen every day. Ted is living proof. We work closely with our clients to help make the same positive changes in their dogs energy levels, physical health, and state of mind. While we walk we also work on recall, sit stay, down stay and impulse control. The alternative to Adventure Camp is of course a doggy daycare facility, in which case a dog may spend the day with 50 other dogs. At Ted's Day Camp the smaller groups ensure more focused attention and healthier playgroups.



Pick-up & Drop-off

2-3 hours of active unleashed play on private and public land 

Off-leash recall practice 

Impulse control practice 



Happy Tails

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Hi, I’m James and this is Ted. Ted’s (Excellent Adventure) Dog Camp was born out of a desire to bring the positive benefits of our extended walks to other dogs and their humans. The owner can be comfortable knowing their dogs are getting effective exercise, positive attention and personal care while they are busy at work. Their dogs get 2-3 hours of off-leash exercise in the Chittenden County, VT area while safely exploring nature, practicing appropriate play and socialization with other dogs, working on recall and returning home physically and mentally tired. Taking in the world and all it’s scents while moving through our beautiful Vermont landscape benefits your dog and those who care for them.


I have been fortunate to train with Mary Tracy of Unleashed K9 Adventures & Training. A top notch trainer and camp leader, Mary’s approach mirrors my own and is based in positive reinforcement. Through regular check-ins and feedback as we walk, the dogs and I learn from each other and enjoy our walk more.


Ted and I are also a certified Therapy Dogs of Vermont team. To see what a good dog’s presence can do for people is always a humbling treat. Let us know if your school or organization could benefit from a Therapy Dog visit.

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James Mix, Owner

Ted's Excellent Adventure Dog Camp, LLC

Essex, Vermont



Monday: 10am - 12pm

Wednesday: 10am - 12pm

Friday: 10am - 12pm

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